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A Bulgarian citizen is trying to steal the Russia’s international beauty contest Lady Universe!
Dear friends and colleagues,
Our Bulgarian counterparts who hold local and international beauty contests in their country, left a message on our official website Lady Universe on February 10 informing us that their former 2008 contestant is trying to steal the contest Lady Universe from us.
Our contest and was created in the Russian Federation by Russian citizens, as well as the contest Lady Russia founded in 2012 and held for the first time in the centre of Moscow in 2013.
This year we are holding the fourth International beauty contest Lady Universe 2016 and the fifth contest Lady Russia 2016.
Before the contest was conceived or organised, we had checked in all the Russian and international browsers to make sure that no other contest under the name of Lady Universe exists, in order not to appropriate other people’s ideas, creation or copyright! Isn’t it the cornerstone of humanity? Isn’t it written in the world’s holy scriptures? One of the sacred commandments is «Thou shalt not steal»!
Four years later, here we are informed by our colleagues who had proposed us partnership and cooperation, that a scandalous model from Bulgaria is stealing our contest. About 40 Bulgaria’s media sources have written about it. To be more exact, Tsveti Razlojka is taking over the Russia’s international beauty contest Lady Universe!

Dear friends,
Where is the justice? We can see things aren’t easy for anyone in the world at the moment… and there is Bulgaria trying to steal what belongs to us, our country and the founders who had invested the labour of so many wonderful people into the contest!
Can we enter an open door or other people’s house to steal their possessions claiming they belong to us?
Isn’t that a crime?!
We declare with all responsibility that the international beauty contest Lady Universe is unique in its form and conception. It was founded and is held in the Russian Federation only!
Let us remind that the title Lady Universe 2015 was awarded to Victoria Sheligo, the citizen of Slovenia, a diplomat, the President of the International Women’s Diplomacy Club. The contest took place on December 5, 2015 in the center of Moscow. As it was revealed after the contest, she is the spouse of the Slovenia’s ambassador in the Russian Federation, although the fact had been kept in secret.
In the category over 40, it was Lubov Lapshina who became Lady Universe 2015. However, later she resigned.
Faithfully yours,
Galina Berngold (Luniakova).
President of the Moscovia foundation
and the beauty contests
Lady Universe and Lady Russia


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