«Lady of Russia-2015» & «Lady Universe-2015»

The contest-nomination is held for business women! Hurry up! Till the contest-nomination a few days left. Make a statement about your achievements! December 5, 2015 in the centre of Moscow will be held the contest-nomination "Lady of Russia 2015" in the framework of international nomination «Lady Universe-2015". This event created exclusively for the business ladies which achieved success in social life and for young ladies who start their professional development in life and their career. We look forward to see the best final-year students and graduates. All terms and conditions of the contest are aimed at attracting of women with the achievements in the field of family, business, school, sports, politics, culture and public life. The contest not only reveals the beauty of the participants, but is also a promotion of women`s features. This is a great opportunity to express their achievements and status, as well as to emphasize the ability to be truly feminine. The jury consists of famous politicians and pop stars, film and show business. The participation fee is $ 480. It does not include accommodation. Maybe it will be paid by the partners of the contest. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Beauty contest is for well educated and career ladies. High education for participation in the beauty contest «Lady Universe» is obligatory. Participation in the beauty contest «Lady Universe» is different from other beauty contests in the fact that they can be either married or unmarried mothers. Appearance of a participant of «Lady Universe»: Minimum Height is 155 cm, proportional physique, ease of communication, charm, elegance, creative abilities and talents, erudition, diction and standard of speech. Areas of achievements: business, study, sports, policy, culture, public life, family. Participant achievements in the specified spheres is welcomed. Too revealing or inappropriate dressing, shoddy make-up, any indication or appearance of inebriation at the beauty contest «Lady Universe» makes a participant inadmissible: Habits such as smoking aren’t forbidden, but are categorically not allowed during rehearsals and the beauty contest. Photo and video filming of the pornographic contents is strictly forbidden. At the beauty contest «Lady Universe» a bikini defile is absent

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