NAILS the most Important part of our body which represents your PERSONALITY. In many ways a women’s strength is defined by her nails. That’s why I believe one should keep them long with BOLD assertive colours to alert others OF her presence. We are all primal beings and NAILS are our claws. The First Cave paintings are made from? The First clay tables, Art, literature, Math, Civilisation it’s all came from NAILS. But breaking of Nails could be a sign of something wrong happening inside our body. No one enjoy BROKEN Nails. 
Here is what we need to focus on to prevent breakage of Nails.
Right Vitamins: 
Like our hair, our Nails also need the right Nutrients and Minerals to grow strong and long. Since our body can’t produce Vitamin C, we need to consume foods rich in nutrients include green leafy vegetables, nuts, lean meat and fresh fruits in our diet. 
Nail Mask : 
Prevent break of Nails by applying Nail Mask at home. Only you need LEMON JUICE, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and WARM WATER. 
LEMON as it contains Vitamin C.
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and WARM water helps effective in removing white spots present on nails and it contains ACETIC ACID which helps to fight off nail infections. 
Daily Oil Massage: 
Daily oil massage gives optimum moisture. OLIVE OIL or COCONUT OIL massage on NAILS for 10 min helps in strengthening NAILS. 
Taking some basic steps and care can keep your NAILS Healthy and Strong. 

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