Mammoplasty means breast augmentation, this plastic operation is always included in the top of the most popular female operations. New technologies imply an increase in size not with the help of silicone, but by combining implants with its own fat of patient. Such an operation lasts longer, but the chest looks more natural.
Now the most popular technology that came to Russia from France is breast augmentation at the same time with an implant and its own fat.
Even the simplest implant in combination with lipofilling gives excellent results. The interstitial distance becomes narrower, the risk of asymmetry is reduced. Breast looks natural, but such an operation lasts longer in time than regular mammoplasty!
That is why I choose this technique!
Frequently people ask me questions about rehabilitation. I can say that you can safely go home on the next day after operation! In the postoperative period, you should follow all the recommendations given by the doctor: taking medicines, limiting physical exertion, wearing specialized underwear to achieve a good result.
Consults a plastic surgeon Fatima Lepshokova Lady Universe-2018

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