Plastic surgery develops in line with public demands.

Plastic surgery develops in line with public demands. Just a few years ago, women sculpted themselves from silicone Barbie. Silicone breast, duck - lips, removal of the "extra" pair of ribs to maintain a thin waist. However, in recent years, the trend has changed and now fitness, healthy nutrition, elastic buttocks and a relief press have come into vogue.
It is possible to achieve such perfect forms without plastic surgery. Daily hours-long workouts, strict diets, massages - and now you are ready to conquer the world. But many people prefer to solve the problems quickly and with guarantee by plastic surgery. In the end, it is not necessary to be healthy, if you can seem so.


The fashion for the use of enthetic material is gone, implant is not surprise for anyone and fifth-sized silicone breast looks funny sometimes. Plastic surgery is increasingly using natural materials, such as adipose to give the appearance of as much naturalism as possible. Nowadays the visiting card of the natural woman has become the motto: “Everything is mine, I have good genes”.
I try to move away from highly traumatic methods of operations in the direction of simpler manipulations. Therefore, I often use own adipose of patients (lipofilling) for the face, chest, buttocks, and so on. Using of new, nonsuture technologies also make shortens the rehabilitation period and helps to achieve the most desired result.”

To give ladies and even men more natural beauty, I prefer to combine plastic with cosmetology. If 10 years ago the surgery claimed that cosmetology is not capable of correcting the defects of appearance, nowadays the opinion of specialists has changed to the exact opposite. Why people do operations when it is better to do just injections?
In more detail about operations and injection techniques I will tell in the following article!

Fatima Lepshokova

Lady Universe-2018

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