On November 30, the Lady of Russia-2017 prize was awarded at the Lady Universe-2017 International Competition in the Event-Hall «Koleso vremeni»

Olga Romaniv, psychologist, family relations specialist, writer, founder and head of the Dating Club "Classic of Relations" became one of the participants in the honorary nomination Lady - Moscow 2017. For her contribution to the social program for the support of motherhood and childhood, for the creation of new families Olga Romaniv, our portal (newspaper) managed to interview Olga.

- Olga, please share your opinion about the awards ceremony.

- I have been to various events, both in Russia and in Europe, but I have not seen such beauty for a long time. Luxuriously decorated room, friendly and intelligent guests, skillfully compiled program, which combined songs and performances of stars, and even a fashion show by a famous designer. I want to express my deep gratitude to the organizer of the event, Capitolina Berngold, for organizing such a wonderful ceremony, the emotions of being still on me still surround me.

- Successful business women were nominated for the "Lady of Russia" award, which reached the heights in their careers, and are actively involved in charity. Olga, how do you help people?

- I help not only people. My mission is to do good deeds, give happiness to others and motivate them to build happiness with their own hands. It is for this reason that I chose the activities I have been doing for more than 10 years. I am the founder and the head of the Moscow Dating Club "Classics of Relationships".

- It is known that in your Dating Club for several months the 777th couple signed. Tell us, how did you achieve such an impressive result?

- For me, the figure 777 seems incredible. When the Club was created, I could not imagine that this undertaking would acquire such a scale. And today ... more and more new lonely hearts come to the Club "Classic of Relations" in search of their half. We no longer need to advertise and tell people about our existence - those people, who need us, find us and recommend to their friends and acquaintances. Specialists who work in the Club - matchmakers, psychologists, numerologists, a photographer accompany each pair from the beginning of relations to the registry office. Every person who contacts the Dating Club receives support, understanding, advice and support. Imagine that with this approach more than 70% of Club members have already formed into happy couples.

- It is incredible! Here, it turns out, where love lives. That is, any person who wishes to have family happiness can turn to you for help?

- That is right. However, we also do not take everyone, and there is a certain selection as a conversation with a specialist. In order to register for the first consultation, just call the hotline, which is listed on the website of the Club "Classics of Relationships."

- What can you wish to those people who is reading this interview?

- Dear readers! Life is love. Love each other, give each other attention and energy, be attentive and take care of each other, take care of the feelings of your people to you. However, if your heart is still free - contact the Dating Club "Classic of Relationships". And you will find your happiness.


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