"Lady of Russia-2017" and "Gentlemen of the Year" were awarded in Moscow within the framework of the international award Lady Universe-2017

The most successful and accomplished ladies and gentlemen of the country were awarded in Moscow On November 30

As a result of the competition, the jury, which included prominent politicians, academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, pop stars, film and show business, determined the following winners:

Yulia Shkolenko became the winner of the "Lady of Russia - 2017" nomination in the Grand Prix, a successful business lady, Novadent's development director.

1The Lady of Russia-2017 became Natalia Lomeiko a successful architect and interior designer.

Olga Romanov, psychologist, writer and owner of the dating club "Classic of Relations", received the title of the main "Lady of Moscow-2017".

The title of "Missis Moskovia 2017" was given to the singer VERO.


And the main international prize in the category "Lady Unievsre-2017" was given to Viktoria Popylkova, General Director of the company "Vitrina A"

In addition to the prizes, they were awarded on a competitive basis

nominations to the stars of culture and art, surgeons, businessmen and public figures.

        Awarded stars and artists: 

Maria Sittel TV presenter VGTRK - Mother of the Year - 2017

Gentleman of charity and a Gentleman of the Year 2017 - Gosha Kutsenko- actor of theater and cinema,

a public figure

Alexander Khaminsky - Gentleman of Russia

Alexander Derzhavin TV presenter and radio presenter - Gentleman of Moscow

Misha Lenn - an artist of world renown - Gentleman of Art

Alexander Rapoport Russian-American actor - The Gentlement of the Universe

In the framework of the fifth international nomination Lady Universe-2017 for business and successful people.

A bright event was timed to coincide with Mother's Day.

All events are held with the support of the Moscow Regional and State Duma. 


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