Charity trip to the Lobnensky Social and Rehabilitation Center for Minor Children

On November 20, on the international day of children and the day of legal assistance to children who found themselves in a difficult situation, as well as without parental care, the «Moskovia» foundation traveled with partners, participants, officials and victors.

There are 16 children in this center and three of them are children of 15 years old, all the other kids are from three years old.

The event was attended by: President of the MOSKOVIA Foundation- Kapitolina Viktorovna Berngold, Deputy Head of the City of Lobnya Anna Akimovna Kumanova, deputy of the Lobnya Council of Deputies from the Communist Party faction Galina Volkova, Acting Director of the Children's Center Alexander Boyko, Russian singer VERO, winner of the competition "Missis Moskovia-2016" and "1 Vice-Lady of Russia-2016" Christina Spiranskaya, participant of the Lady of Russia-2017 Anna Galkina (doctor), winner of the "Lady Universe-2016" Alikhanova Elvira, 2017 and Lady of Russia 2017 Maria Chumachenko (Sinerzhiya company), representatives of the furniture company by Ilya Shcherbakov (who presented 50 new chairs to the center).

During the event the children were given New Year's gifts, clothes, shoes, toys, kinder-surprises.

The center also received 50 new and beautiful chairs for children and adults, a large touch computer based on android, a new color printer and gifts from the company Sinerzhia from Maria Chumachenko!

We express our sincere gratitude to all those present at the celebration, as well as for the generous contribution to the development of this center!

Fund for Support of Family, Motherhood and Childhood "MOSKOVIA"

winner and participant of the Union of the Lady of Russia.

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