Charity trip to

"Lobnensky Social and Rehabilitation Center for Minors".


Fund for Family, Maternity and Childhood Support MOSKOVIA is pleased to organize the "Give Good with the Stars" action in the framework of the All-Russian contest-nomination "Lady of Russia 2016" in the framework of the international nomination "Lady Universe-2016", which will organize a charitable trip to the SCO MO "Lobnensky Social and Rehabilitation Center for Minors".

          The State Social Service Administration of the Moscow Region "Lobnya Social and Rehabilitation Center for Minors" is located in Lobnya on Aviatsionnaya Street, 6. The main activity of the center is the prevention of neglect and abandonment, provision of temporary residence, provision of social assistance and rehabilitation of underage from 3 to 18 years old, who found themselves in a difficult life situation, rehabilitation work with families of minors.

The event will be attended by: President of the MOSKOVIA Foundation Kapitolina Viktorovna Berngold, Head of the Department for Juvenile Affairs of the Moscow Region Governor's Administration Yevgeny Zdobnov, Russian singer VERO, Lady of Russia 2017 participant Yulia Shkolenko, winner of the Mississauga-2016 contest and "1 Vice Lady of Russia - 2016" Kristina Spiranskaya, winner of the contest "Lady Universe-2016" Alikhanova Elvira, participant of the Lady of Moscow-2017 and the Lady of Russia- 2017 Maria Chumachenko -print-production company Sinerzhia, Ilya Sherbakov-businessman.

          For participation are invited: representatives of the Administration of the Governor of the Moscow region, who supervise the protection of the rights of minors, deputies of the Council of Deputies of the city of Lobnya.

The Foundation together with the winners of the contest intends to provide charitable assistance to the center, learn about existing problems, and communicate with children who found themselves in a difficult life situation.

Dear friends! If you are not indifferent to the problems of children who are in a great need of help, and also have the desire and opportunity to help these children, you can contact the MOSKOVIA Foundation

by our contact phones.


Dear friends, we will necessarily reflect your good deed on the website of our Foundation and in social networks. In addition, a photo report and letters of appreciation will be posted on the Foundation's website.


Yours faithfully,

President of the Muscovy Foundation

Berngold K.V.


and the team of the foundation "Moskovia"

+7 (495) 542-62-55




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