The Family, Motherhood ,and Childhood support fund '' Moscowiya'' within the action''Share Kindness''all-Russian contest-nomination ''Lady Russia-2016'' within the international nomination ''Lady Universe-2016'' is organizing a charity checkout Moscow Region State Institution of social sevice "Mytischi State Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors” on the 8th of February, 2017.

The main activity of the Center is to to strengthen parent-child relationship, to provide conditions, under which a family can be a meaningful inseparable part of the society; to enable the development of the children.

Among the main aims of the given Center is to provide temporary residence, social assistance, and rehabilitate minors, to help the children, deprived of parental care, to overcome crisis; to provide legal assistance, medical-phsychological and pedagogical support to children, who apperared in a difficult life situation; to conduct th primary adoptation in a healthy social environment.

The given event will be organized by Galina Berngold, the president of the Fund, and the following contest winners as well: The winner in two nominations at once, Gran-prix of the contest-nomination ''Lady Russia-2016'' (40+) and ''Mother of the year-2016'', Snezhana Manakova; the winner of the Grand Prix of the contest in nomination ''Lady Russia-2016'' (23+), Julia Podryadchick; the winner in two nominations: “Missis Moscowiya-2016” and “The1st Vice-lady of Russia-2016”, Spiranskaya Christina the winner in nomination ''Lady Universe-2016''-Elvira Alikhanova.

Representatives of local authorities of 
the city district of Mytishchi in charge of 
the protection of minors, the commissioner for the rights of the child have been invited for participating in this event.

The Fund together with the winners of the contest-nomination intend to provide the Center charitable assistance , learn more about the current problems, communicate with the children, who are now in a difficult life situations.

Dear Friends! If you are not indifferent to the problems of the children, who need your help, and if you have desire and ability to help these children, you can contact the Fund ''Moscowiya'' by the numbers on our web site

Please, be sure, we will announce your kind deed on out cite, in Mass Media and social networks. Besides, there will be a photo report and letters of aprecciation.

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