The charity chekout to Lobnya state social rehabilitation cеnter for minors.

The Family, Motherhood ,and Childhood support fund '' Moscowiya'' within the action''Share Kindness''all-Russian contest-nomination ''Lady Russia-2016'' within the international nomination ''Lady Universe-2016'' has accomplished a charity checkout to Lobnya State Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors.

The main activity of the center is to prevent child neglect and homelessness, to provide temporary residence, social assistance, and rehabilitate minor children aged 3 to 18, who found themselves in a difficult life situations, to support and rehabilitate the families of the minors.

The following personalities took part in the given event: the Head of the Department of Juvenile affairs, Evgeny Zdobnov, The deputy head of Lobnya, Anna Kumanova, the Head of the Council of deputies, Nikolay Gechishnikov, the deputy of the Council of deputies, Galina Volkova, the president of the fund “Moscowiya”, Galina Berngold,the winners of the beauty contest: the winner in two nominations at once, Gran-prix of the contest-nomination ''Lady Russia-2016'' (40+) and ''Mother of the year-2016'', Snezhana Manakova; the winner of the Grand Prix of the contest in nomination ''Lady Russia-2016'' (23+), Julia Podryadchick; the winner in two nominations: “Missis Moscowiya-2016” and “The1st Vice-lady of Russia-2016”, Spiranskaya Christina, the winner in nomination ''Lady Universe-2016''-Elvira Alikhanova.

Within the charity action the fund in collaboration with the contest winners has donated an audio system for organizind creative lessons and feastivals.

The participants of the given action communicated with the children, investigated their routine life, examined the management of the child guidance, and the numerous events, the Center holds for the foster-children.

A wonderful matinee has been attended, the paticipants visited a creative workshop with a unique cillection of the children's creative works.

Further cooperation for improving proposals within the charity action was discussed.

Special gratitude should be expressed to the Head and the staff of the center , who have greeted the action and rendered kindness and concernment.



The contibution to the action “Share Kindness” of the fund and the contest-winners was honoured by the Head of Lobnya, Evgeny Smyshlyaev, and grateful letters were presented.

We express special gratitude for the contribution in the acquiring of the present to Julia Podryadchick, the winner of the Grand Prix of the contest in nomination ''Lady Russia-2016'' (23+) and “Lady Russia Sport-2016”; and the assistant of the president of the fund , and casting director,Alla Kirillina.

Dear Friends! As we had promised, a photo report has been placed on our web site. Our fund, collaborating with the contest winners, inwoke commercial organizations and private enterpreners to take part in our further charity events, which are planned to organize on the territory of Moscow Region, and support our initiatives permanently.

Contact the fund “Moscowiya” by phone numbers on our website for more information.

Respectfully yours,

Snezhana Manakova

Lady Russia-2016

Mother of the year-2016

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