Fund Muscovy in the framework of the contest Lady Universe-2018 rewards children. 19 December


Age: 9
Height: 148
City: India
Langs: hindi,english

Fund Muscovy in the framework of the contest Lady Universe rewards children.

It all started when Nevochka was 3 years old. She came out on stage for the first time with her mother at a beauty contest for moms. She was spontaneous and easily demonstrated what was required of her, which delighted the audience. And then there was the question: When will the next contest be?
 The fate of the fate in the hands of a log book on the plane. They announced a casting for Little Miss India. It seemed that this was fate! And then it went spinning. Literally the next day after the victory, invitations to international competitions sprang up.
 Now Neeven is 9 years old. She has more than 60 titles and 30 international competitions in America, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Italy, France,Thailand,Austria,Czech Republic,Ukraine
 In her piggy bank crowns of real gold, crystal, Czech stones and Swarovski rhinestones.
 Neeven actively takes part in fashion shows in India, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, the Emirates.
 There are a lot of proposals, unfortunately, it is not always possible to find an opportunity in connection with the big employment.
 Now Neeven is invited to the competitions already as an international jury, it gives her great pleasure. As a rule, from the first rehearsal, he guessed the winner.
 Neeven studies in an international school in grade 3, fluently speaks three languages ​​English, Hindi and Russian. She is engaged in music, ballet, gymnastics, drawing, Indian classical dance Kathack, very well swims, she is filming a movie and in TV commercials, catalogs of clothes, voices films. Soon there will be a film with her participation.
 Despite her high international achievements, Neeven is a modest, educated, intelligent girl who honors family traditions, loves animals, is very sociable and open to everything new. Easily finds a common language with children from different countries and continents. She has many friends from Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, America, Russia with whom Neeven has been friends for a long time.
 The rules of international competitions include ball gowns and historical costumes embroidered with gold, silver, beads, Swarovski crystals, the finest French lace, author's embroidery, handwork. These attires Neeven with pride and graceful wears and shows on stage. And in everyday life she prefers the style of casual.
 1st prize folk dance
 3rd prize classical ballet
 3rd prize classical ballet group
 2nd prize modern dance duet
 3rd prize group folk dance
 2nd prize character dance duet
 1st prize jazz dance duet
 1st prize Modern ballet solo
 2nd character dance duet
 3rd prize character dance solo
 1st prize classical ballet juniors duo
 2nd prize classical ballet solo
 2nd prize cassical ballet juniors group
 3rd prize modern ballet juniors solo
Mini Miss World Russian Beauty NY 2014 (America).

Mini Miss Internet World Russian Beauty NY 2014 USA.

Little Super Model of the World 2014 – Top Model of the world Greece.

Gran-prix photo Star – TV Star world 2014 – Turkey.

Gran-prix Little Miss International Vietnam 2014.

Little Photo Model International Vietnam 2014, Fashion House International Vietnam 2014.

Crystal Crown UNESCO – Little Model-I Sochi Russia.

Crystal Crown UNESCO – Best Portfolio 2015 Sochi.

Grand –prix Crystal Crown – Princess Ball 2015 Sochi.

Grand – Prix Crystal Crown –Super Model UNESCO 2015.

Gladrags Little Miss India 2015.

Gladrags Fancy Dress.

Goldstar Model TV Star – Sharm 2015 Super Grand Prix.

Mini Miss Friendship – Sharm 2015 Egypt.

Tod Miss Universe – 2015 Grand – Prix.

Little Model – 2015 Georgia.

Princess of the world 2015 super Grand-prix.

Best evening WEAR/PRINCE and princess of the world 2015.

Little Miss world 2015 1st place.

Best National Costume Bulgaria.

Little Princess of the Globe 2015 Turkey.

Best of the Best.

Little Miss Eurasia – 2015 Super Grand Prix.

Little Miss Eurasia – 2015 Grand –prix.

Cute Lady – 2015.

Little Miss Butterfly 2015.

Little Miss Super Model 2015.

Visa for Hollywood.

Best National Costume 2015.

Charming Christmas Photo Model – Czech Republic.

Little Princess of the Universe 2016.

Little Miss Galaxy 2016.

Honorary Member of the WLBF.

Miss Sympathy of the International or GCommittee.

Miss Talent of the World 2016

Winner International Kids Fashion Week.

Little Queen of the World 2017.

Grand Prix of WLBF.

Grand-Prix Best Little Model

IKFW 2016

Baby Princess of the planet 2016.

Absolute Little Top Model Fashion and Talent Interbrilliant World 2016.

Absolute Little Miss Fashion and Talent Interbrilliant World 2016.

Gold Certificate Model “Startup”.

Luxury Little Photomodel Czech republic 17.10.2016.

1st Ballet TV Start world - 2016.

Gold Medal Choreography, “Stars of the World 2016

Grand Prix Photo Contest Christmas Angel 2017 Ukrain.

Goldstar Princess TV Stars of the World 2017.

Star Princess of the world 2017 Bulgaria.

Excellent Child Star Jury Bulgaria.

The best Jury Member, Universal Productions.

Grand – prix Mini Miss Universe 2017 France.

India Kids Fashion Week 201 Mumbai

Dubai International Fashion Week 2017

3nd prize at the Mosaic of Dance Delhi 2017

Little Miss Pearl of Adriatica 2017 Super Grand Prix Italy Venice

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